Our Story

"We need more women in STEM because we need to produce more technology that is way more diverse and can target more of the community than just half of it." - Aya Mouallem, Johnson & Johnson Fellow to Devex World 2018


All Girls Code started as a result of personal experiences of the founders and volunteers. Aya Mouallem, co-founder of All Girls Code, was one of two girls in her software engineering lab of more than 20 students. Maya Moussa, also co-founder of All Girls Code, was once "lectured" about why she shouldn't be studying computer engineering by an employee at university, as he claimed that this is not a field for females, and they are not smart enough to join it. Aya and Maya joined forces to found All Girls Code to empower young girls in Lebanon to try these fields and hopefully pursue them professionally. Today, more than 70 volunteers work with All Girls Code.

Team leaders and volunteers, All Girls Code Tech Immersion 2017.