Aya Mouallem

Aya Mouallem is the co-founder and co-director of All Girls Code. She is a computer and electronics engineering student at the American University of Beirut with demonstrated experience as a Teacher's Assistant and keen interest in semiconductor research. Aya is a previous Google Woman Techmaker and a current Women Deliver Young Leader, Johnson & Johnson Fellow, and a Stanford She++ Ambassador. Aya has also received AUB Faculty of Engineering's Exceptional Volunteer of the Year Award. She's experienced in a wide array of skills including software engineering, product development, and web development. Aya has lots of experience with giving coding, IoT, and electronics workshops, and she has mentored at several hackathons.

A believer in the importance of utilizing tech for social impact, she's also a mentor and mentee, frequent traveler, and speaker at several local and international conferences.

Aya sees herself as a researcher and professor in 10 years, as well as a director or board member of international organizations focusing on women empowerment in STEM.

You can find Aya on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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